Full Licence

Up to 6 days intensive training  takes you from novice to full-on rider, qualified to ride with a full licence.

Work your way up from the CBT, taking on bigger engine sizes first on a training area and then on-road. In next to no time at all, you'll walk away able to jump on anything from the incredible Honda range subject to licence type.

Your course - £899

  • On the first day you'll take your CBT.
  • As soon as your Honda instructor feels you're ready, you'll jump onto a bigger bike and practice manoeuvring on the training area and the road.
  • Once your instructor is confident in your abilities, the two of you will ride to the DVLA centre to take your Mod 1 off-road test.
  • After your mod 1 training and test you will return on another day to practice on the road.
  • On your last day, following more road practice you'll take your Mod 2 on road test.

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