Step Up

These are designed for anyone with a CBT certificate and a theory test under their belt who are now ready for a bigger licence and a bigger bike.

Our qualified instructors can get you up to A1, A2 or A standard - although the usual age restrictions apply. An A1 licence will permit you to ride any motorcycle up to 125cc; an A2 licence, up to a 35KW, and a A licence will give unlimited access to ride any of the Honda Motorcycle range.

Your course - £749

  • You'll jump straight on a bigger bike suitable for your ability, and practice manoeuvring on the training area.
  • On the second day (or earlier depending on your ability) you'll take to the road. When you're ready, your instructor will ride with you to the DVLA centre where you'll take your Mod 1 off-road test. After your mod 1 training and test you will return on another day to practice on the road.
  • On your last day, following more road practice you'll take your Mod 2 on road test.

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